Registration FAQs

Registration FAQ

How do I get started? Please read: Step-by-Step PowerPoint Instructions

  • When you are ready to use the system for the first time and are not a previous user, you must create a member profile. Click “Create a member profile”.
  • Now that you are on the “create a member profile form” fill out the form completely.
  • A person can create a member profile and select multiple roles, i.e. local administrator, head coach, umpire, tournament director, etc.
  • When you select multiple roles for your account, your name may be listed separately with each member type in the team grid, This does not mean you will be charged a fee for each membership type. You only have to pay one registration fee per person.
  • Listing your name beside each registration type allows the local USA Commissioner to determine who he/she will approve for a role.
  • Click the blue “submit” button and follow the instructions in the email you will receive from USA Softball. If you do not receive the message in your inbox, please check any junk or spam folder in your email software.
  • Locate and open the email message and click on the activation link.
  • Congratulations! You can now use the RegisterUSASoftball portal.

How do I register my team?

  • Ensure that your profile has the “Team Administrator” role selected by accessing your Profile.
  • On your “homeplate” page under the “quick links” at the bottom of the page, click “add new team”.  If for some reason you don’t have this quick link, go to the top of the page and click the “individuals” link, then click the “teams” tab, then click the “add team” button.
  • Complete the information form for your team and “submit”.
  • Under the fees grid three blue buttons will appear. Click “add member”.
  • Type first name, last name, birth date and “submit”.
  • Fill out the form (you will repeat this procedure for each player and coach) then “submit”.

How do I create an invoice? After you enter all of your players and coaches and “submit” a form will materialize to create an invoice. When you send the invoice to your local USA Commissioner, be sure to include your payment and copies of birth certificates and background check consent forms (if required).

How do I have a background check activated and take my ACE Certification Test? On the “homeplate” page there is a grid under “personal steps” at the top of the page. In the grid click the “purchase” link to activate your background check and pay for the two services. When the date and time shows in the grid that you passed your background check, a new link will appear to click for you to take the ACE Certification Test. The level of test you are eligible to take will show in the grid. After you complete and pass the test, the date and time will appear in the grid and your registration will be ready to submit.

What if I have not received information on the status of my background check? If you have not received a cleared background check status within 24 hours, you need to contact the USA National Office using the “Submit Ticket” option on in order for us to follow up on your report.

What if my profile displays the wrong ACE Certification level? It is important that you continue your certification in chronological order. Your records may not transfer correctly from the other system, therefore it is important that you check and make sure your certification is correct for the current year BEFORE YOU PAY. If the certification level is wrong, please make a copy of your last year’s ACE Certification card and fax to the USA National Office at 405-425-3855 and include a note stating that your records need to be updated to show the correct certification level. Please include your username and email address when faxing the copy of your ACE Certification card. You can also let us know via the “Submit Ticket” option on

Can I submit my team for registration with existing issues? Most associations allow their users to submit registrations with issues that are non- critical in nature. (For example: birth certificates need to be reviewed by Commissioner). Some issues are critical and will not allow you to submit without a correction (background checks and ACE Certification requirements.) It is suggested that you take care of all issues first, and then submit your team, as this will speed up your registration process.

Why is the “submit” button grayed out?

  • Check and make sure that you have checked the role of “Team Administrator” for your profile.
  • Every team must have a “Team Administrator”. This is the person that is responsible for the registration process, mailing in the fees, and distributing ID cards to your team members.

What is the difference between a standard roster and a championship roster?

  • A Standard roster is one that a coach will use for all individual tournaments.
  • Some associations allow players on multiple standard rosters. Check with your local USA.
  • A Championship roster will freeze your team’s players onto one roster for Championship play such as National Qualifiers, State Tournaments, Regional Tournaments, and National Tournaments. Only a local USA Commissioner can move a player that is on a Championship roster.

Previous Users: How do I login?

What if I forgot my username or password? Go to the login screen of RegisterUSASoftball and click the “lost your password?” link. Enter your email address to see if your profile still exists. If so, you will receive an email from USA that will have a link to update your username (optional) and password.

What if I receive the message “your email is already in use”? If you try and create your profile and get a message stating the email address is already in use,” you should return to the login screen of RegisterUSASoftball and click “lost your password?” link to get started.