Slow Pitch Restricted Players

Slow Pitch

Per USA Softball’s Code the players on the Men’s Class A Restricted Player List was determined by a Slow Pitch Committee. A restricted slow pitch player list will be compiled by a USA Softball committee representing slow pitch. The restricted slow pitch players list will be available on USA Softball’s website and this list will be updated, modified and/or revised on a regular and continuous basis but will be finalized by August 1 each year for the current year’s National Championship Finals. Players on the USA Softball restricted slow pitch player’s list may only play Class A and Super. Any team that participates may not have more than five (5) players from the USA Softball restricted slow pitch player list. Any appeals regarding this list can be made through the USA Softball National Office to the slow pitch sub-committee. Any appeals regarding this list should be made to the player’s local commissioner who will forward it to the USA Softball National Office for further review by the USA Softball Slow Pitch Restricted Player Committee. Please do this in writing and be sure to include statistics, teams played against, and a reason why you feel you should be removed from the RPL in any appeal. To find out who your commissioner is click here.

USA Softball Men’s Slow Pitch Restricted Players List – Updated December 8, 2020

Player / State Player / State Player / State
Bryson Baker – California
Kevin Bazat – Missouri
Joseph Bennett – Georgia
Davis Bilardello – Florida
Jason Branch – Florida
Cory Briggs – Arkansas
Dale Brungardt – Washington
Bradley Carlsen – Nevada
Orlando Castillo – Florida
Daniel Cayton – California
Travis Clark – Wisconsin
Andrew Collins – Florida
Greg Connell – Georgia
Argen Dodds – Texas
Ben Dunn – Texas
Patrick Ellwanger – Minnesota
Jeff Flood – Oregon
Chris Greinert – Maryland
Neil Haglund – New York
Donnie Hammonds – Florida
Scott Hartling – New York
Ryan Harvey – Florida
David Johnson – California
Bradley Jones – So. Carolina
Kevin Kennington – Florida
Scott Kirby – Florida
Keith Laski – Illinois
Steel Lewis – Canada
Steven Lloyd – Florida
Bubba Mack – Florida
Jason Magnum – Georgia
Tyler Marshburn – No. Carolina
Jason Martel – No. Carolina
Phil Matte – Kentucky
Jason Matusik – Florida
Ryan McClanahan – California
Zane Migues – Louisiana
Chad Mullins – Kentucky
Jon Nelson – Arizona
Kyle Olsen – New York
Ryan Parfitt – Pennsylvania
Kyle Pearson – Florida
Kyle Pearson – Louisiana
Lee Powers – No. Carolina
Andy Purcell – Florida
Richard Racobaldo – No. Carolina
John Radich – Ohio
Luis Reyna – Florida
Josh Riley – Kentucky
Nick Santana – Florida
Shannon Smith – Oklahoma
Jordan Spaulding – Arizona
Brady Stewart – Ohio
Ryan Stovall – Florida
Andy Vitcak – Minnesota
Filip Washington – New York
Brian Wegman – Ohio
Everett Williams – Texas
Johnathon Williams – Illinois
Tyler Wilson – North Carolina
Lawrence “Buddy” Wolf – Ohio
Jeremy Yates – Florida
Brian Zirkle – Illinois