Fast Pitch Restricted Players

Fast Pitch

Per USA Softball’s code, the players on the restricted list were determined by the USA Softball Fast Pitch Restricted Player Committee. Any appeals regarding the list should be made to the player’s local commissioner who will forward it to the national office for further review by the committee. Please do this in writing and be sure to include statistics, teams played against, and a reason why the player should be considered for removal. For a listing of USA Softball local associations and commissioners, click here.

Players on the USA Softball Restricted Fast Pitch Player List may only play in the Major classification for men’s fast pitch softball. The list will be updated, modified and/or revised on a regular and continuous basis but will be finalized by June 1.

USA Softball Men’s Fast Pitch Restricted Players List

Player / State Player / State
Abbott, Colin – Canada
Boom, Chad – Minnesota
Butler, James – California
Cascaes, Gregg – Minnesota
Casely, Rhys – New Zealand
Crawford, Craig – Canada
Darling, Jason – Iowa
Darling, Matt – Iowa
DeGroat Jr., Frank – New Jersey
Delarwelle, Chris – Wisconsin
Ellsworth, Jeff – Canada
Fjelland, Ben – Iowa
Folkard, Adam – Australia
Gaiger, Michael – New Zealand
Gareau, Korrey – BC, Canada
Garvey, Don – Wisconsin
Ghostkeeper, Chad – Canada
Gollan, Karl – New Zealand
Goolagong, Jeffrey – Australia
Goring, Lucas – Minnesota
Gosse, Ward – Canada
Hale, Donny – New Zealand
Hansen, Brian
Hill, Jason – Canada
Holoien, Dean – Canada
Joglar, Luis – New Jersey
Jorgensen, Tim – Wisconsin
Kahler, Barry – Florida
Kandous, Mo – New Jersey
Kirkpatrick, Andrew – NY/Australia
Koert, Paul – Minnesota
Kunka, Tony – Minnesota
LaLonde, Adam – Michigan
Lammers, Brian
Laulu, Wayne – Wisconsin
Lessard, Tex – Canada
Levy, Dale – Canada
Magnusson, Kyle – Utah
Makea, Thomas – New Zealand
Manley, Jeremy – New Zealand
Martin, Jarrad – New Zealand
Mata, Lucas – Argentina
Mayson, Derek – Canada
McLean, Stacey – New Zealand
Medwedrich, Andrew – Canada
Miljavac, Chris – Missouri
Miller, Blake – Georgia
Moraga, Omar – California/Arizona
Muizelaar, Gerald – ND/Canada
Mullaley, Stephen – Canada
Neemia, Aaron – Wisconsin
Nukanuku, Nathan – New Zealand
Ormsby, Glenn – Canada
Owen, Tom – Iowa
Palazzo, Matt – Illinois
Patterson, Grant – Canada
Perez, Frank – Pennsylvania
Pinniochio, Steve –
Potskin, Evan – California
Price, Travis – California
Rodriguez, Landy – New York
Rona, Brad – New Zealand
Rosebush, Paul – Canada
Schellenberg, Kevin – Canada
Schott, Steve – Missouri
Schucker, Steve – New York
Schultz, Todd – Michigan
Shannon, Heinie – New Zealand
Shannon, Pat – New Zealand
Schweyer, Rob – MN/Canada
Seeman, Chad – Illinois
Shailes, Nick – Wisconsin
Terkelsen, Freddy – Denmark
Underhill, Nick – Canada
Wilson, Travis – New Zealand
Winters, Zeron – Australia
Wolfe, Ryan – Canada