Youth Registration

Please note: the Youth (JO) Softball Season runs from September 1– August 31.

USA Softball of New York City has two different options to register your team(s).

  • Team registration which does not include insurance
  • Individual Registration through Register USA Softball, the online membership portal which includes Accident & Liability Insurance

We strongly suggest that all Youth (JO) travel teams register their players individually because:

•Individual is registered with Local Association for the entire year (September 1 – August 31).
•Individual is registered with National Association for the entire year (September – August 31).
•Each individual receives a USA Softball Photo ID Card.
•Each adult is background checked.
Accident and Liability Insurance are automatically provided
•Insurance coverage follows the individual throughout the calendar year for all USA Softball Activities, even if they change to another USA Softball team.
•Individually registered teams are covered while playing in any other organization’s events, not just USA Softball play.
•Coverage extends to the team as an insured entity if all team members are individually registered.

How to register:

Team Registration: Print out the Team Registration Form.
If you are registering a league, print out the League Registration Form.

JO teams that choose not to individually register are still able to purchase Team Accident Insurance at a low rate.

JO Team Accident Insurance Rates 
12&U Single Team Rate – 3 teams or less: $200
12&U League Rate – 4 or more teams, each Team: $120

13-19 Single Team Rate – 3 teams or less: $250
13-19 League Rate – 4 or more teams, each Team: $150

Individual Registration
Each team or league must have one Administrator that is responsible for entering all team information and submitting it through the Register USA Softball portal. An administrator can be in charge of multiple teams if desired.

If you have not used Register USA before, first read the Step-by-Step PowerPoint instructions. Then go to, select “Create a member profile” and follow the instructions to sign up your team. Be sure to choose NY – New York City as the local association.

If you already have a profile, login with your username and password.
1. Select “Edit My Team” and update the information. You can click on Add Team to New Season if you are re-registering the same team and the previous year’s team can be carried forward.
2. Select “Edit Players” and update your roster.
3. Select “Player Registration” and follow the instructions.
4. Print invoice and send check payment to the address on the invoice.

All non-players in a dugout MUST complete a USA Softball background check each registration year (September 1 – August 31). This includes managers, coaches, scorekeepers and anyone else who helps out with the team. Background checks MUST be completed through Register USA Softball and must be completed before the team is approved for the new season.The cost is $10 (subject to change) and is paid with a credit card.  

Additionally, one coach that will be on the field or in the dugout will need to have the ACE Certification. The cost is $20 and can only be done once the background check has been cleared.

Once you have entered the managers, coaches, scorekeepers, players, etc, you will create an invoice and print it out. On the invoice, it will indicate behind a player’s name if we need to see a copy of her birth certificate. You will need to send copies of birth certificates for those indicated with birth certificate required. If a manager, coach, scorekeeper, or player has been in the system, the name will appear with their USA Softball ID number. Please use this and do not enter the person again.

All non-players must be entered into the portal in order for the team’s insurance coverage to be valid.

Before sending in your registration packet, please check to make sure that you have the following:

  • Invoice
  • Payment (Check made payable to: Southern New York ASA)
  • Birth Certificates (if indicated on the invoice)

Once we receive your packet and the check clears, your team will be approved and the team administrator/manager manager will be able to print the roster, and add to the roster at the manager’s convenience. Other documents are listed under the Printable Documents on the Team’s Page.

If you have still have questions or you are having any trouble, contact Marie Payne for help.