Adult Registration

The fee to register an Adult Team with USA Softball of New York City is $30 for the 2021 season.

This entitles each team to:
Official USA Softball Guide and Rule Book
Official USA Softball score book
Official USA Softball team identification card
Opportunity for registered teams to compete in local, state, regional, and national tournament play
Each team will also have access to other national benefits provided by USA Softball. See Benefits of Playing USA Softball”.

A General Liability Insurance policy is also included in the Adult Team Registration Fee
This policy protects you from lawsuits arising out of bodily injury or property damage to others as a result of your supervised USA Softball Team activities. Once adult teams are registered, the teams and leagues along with league officers and the league itself will now be insured for liability as part of their registration, and those teams and leagues can name Field Owners and Tournament Directors as additional insureds for liability at no extra cost. This is extremely important in today’s litigious society. Click HERE to learn more.

Once Adult Teams and/or Leagues are registered, click HERE to request the Additional Insured Certificates from RPS Bollinger Insurance .

Optional: USA Softball Adult Accident Team Insurance Plan

Unlike the General Liability insurance, Accident Insurance is not built into the USA Softball Registration Fee.  The purchase of Accident Insurance remains a voluntary purchase for teams and leagues.  However, USA Softball is now offering Accident Insurance for teams at a low rate of $225 per team.  A single team may purchase the coverage, or an entire league.  This $225 per team represents the lowest premium charge in years for the Accident Insurance offered by USA Softball.

To purchase Team Accident Insurance, you will need to obtain a login from your USA Softball Commissioner, once you have registered your team(s). You can then go to the RPS Bollinger website and click on “Buy Insurance Online” in the right sidebar.

To register an Individual Team, click HERE.

To register a League, click HERE to access the registration form. Once it’s completed, please email to

For further  information, please contact Glen Payne:
(718) 690-6996